Sunday, October 25, 2009

Writing Season

As I begin the first few chapters of my fifth book, I find it difficult to concentrate. When the weather gets cold and snowy, my office is where I practically live, but when the crispness of the autumn air, the impossibly blue sky, and the multitude of brilliantly colored leaves taunt me from my office window, I just have to give in and get outside. There will be plenty of time yet to write.

This has turned into an especially brilliant year, attributing to the rather large quantities of rain throughout the summer. Berries are plump and plentiful.

And the usual maladies of blight on the leaves isn't so apparent.

The blueberry barrens, which are seen everywhere around this peninsula, are turning crimson, cranberry, vermillion and every other shade of red the eye can discern.

The coast comes alive with golden oaks, and vivid maples, mixed with the dark greens of the spruce. As the air becomes colder than the water, the vapor rises from the sea in fingers.

Then there's that one single tree that screams its brazen color, saying, "Look at me!"

Finally, the hardy asters chill under frosty nights, but continue blooming strong into November, adding to the colorful scenes.

So, dinna fret, the season is short and I'll be back in front of my computer very soon. Until then, when the weather's fine, I'll be taking advantage of the last of the season's beauty.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Despite Them Update

Here's an update to let everyone know what the status is of my fourth book, Despite Them with Gregor Macgregor.

It's in the hands of Avon Books a branch of Harper Collins—a pretty big fish in the book publishing world!

Don't be fooled by the fact that they print a lot of bodice-ripping Romance novels, they also print many other genres, but Scottish Romance is big business. And why wouldn't it be? Who out there doesn't love a rugged Highlander in a kilt?

Since I've bent and twisted my genre into something barely recognizable, my agent, Grace Morgan, says this is a good fit.

The company in which I could be keeping is terrific. Examples of the authors Avon publishes: Michael Crichton, Janet Dailey, Jim DeFelice, Mark Fuhrman, Patricia Gaffney, Neil Gaiman, Bartholomew Gill, Johanna Lindsey, and Sara Bennett, to name but a few.

So, all I have to do know is wait for the good news that Avon wants to pick up my book, and, with every good thought I can send them, offer me a multi-book deal. Not difficult, right?

Well, to keep my mind occupied with something else while the time trudges by, I've already completed the first chapter of the second Macgregor adventure (no title as yet). I'd love to tell you what it's going to be about, but I haven't a clue! ;o)

I'll keep you posted!