Monday, July 21, 2008

I Could Get Used to This!

For the second weekend in a row I've had a book signing with great results. I could really get used to this! This past Saturday, I was in Castine, Maine at the Compass Rose Bookstore. Sharon, the owner, has sold more books there than any other bookstore Eyes of Garnet resides in. I have now become the bestselling author in Castine! (Hey, I'm taking any award I can get at this point!)

Now, Castine is pivotal in Sightless, as this town is what was known as Pentagoët, where Cat and Greame have settled. Technically, Brooksville is where they built their settlement, but before Brooksville became a town in the early 1800's, all of the area in Sightless was know as Castine/Pentagoët. From what I've researched, a town was only considered such when a church was established in it.

Then to round out the weekend, my husband and I ventured over to Belfast, Maine for their Celtic Festival. It was a perfect Scottish/Irish day. The sky hung low to the water, releasing sprinkles for most of the afternoon. The masts of the many sailboats anchored in the harbor danced in the gloom as lobster boats came in with their hauls and caused a wake.

I'd brought an umbrella large enough for two (yes, I'm not one who enjoys getting wet. It's my husband who's the Scot, remember?), and we sat on the lawn and listened to Bohola and Prydein, the Celtic bands playing under the tent.

I'm a watcher of all that's around me. The color of the sky, the ripples the raindrops made in the otherwise calm sea, the cry of a lone gull as it swept over the land in search of a tidbit of food a youngster may have dropped on the ground. All these things I store away for scenes in my stories to help the reader feel as though they are there. Many people are oblivious to such subtleties and I always marvel at their lack of enthusiasm at everyday nature. Did they notice as they passed the beach roses that the Japanese beetles were eating them? What about the starfish that had attached itself to the oak piling just under the dock? Was I the only one who noticed it? Perhaps that's the reason a well written description goes a long way to making the heart smile. It's what someone else took the time to note and pass along so everyone else may enjoy it.

Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm going to be a Guest Blogger

I'm a member of the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance in Portland, Maine. They're a wonderful writer's resource and put on several author events throughout the year. I just participated in the Books and Blooms multi-author signing in Boothbay Harbor, Maine last Saturday.

The weather was perfect and the people came to buy. Always a great combination for authors. There were about 70 of us! I had a very nice sales day and there was lots of interest in the Sightless pamphlets I was handing out to perspective customers. If that's any indication of the sales my second book will generate, I think it will be a very good seller.

To get back on track, the MWPA sent out an invitation to its members last night for weekly guest bloggers for a new addition to their website. I jumped at the chance and was chosen! My week is going to be Aug. 24 -30. They ask that I post at least 3 blogs during my week. At this time, there won't be a chance to comment directly, but inquires can be directed to my email and I can answer them in the next blog. It should be fun and I can basically talk about anything, just as long as it's PG rated and not political. No worries there. I hate politics! And I'll try my best to refrain from my vulgarities ;•) Check it out at

For the most part I will be ranting on about the publishing business, the movie business and whatever else is filling my head at the time. Perhaps not to the extent JA Konrath rants, though I visit his site everyday and always manage to get some great information from his blog. Much like Tess Gerritsen's blog. These two fine authors are making a great attempt at teaching us newbies the ropes of publishing. You'll find that even being at the top of the pile isn't always what it's cracked up to be, but I'd sure like to make it to the pinnacle and let you from there!