Saturday, February 12, 2011

Indie Author

I was reading J.A. Konrath's take on his sales on Kindle. He outsells James Patterson by being priced extremely low ($2.99), but he's also a traditionally published author. He says that doesn't matter; that it's all about price.

As an Indie Author (one who isn't traditionally published), it's harder to get your name out there. However, if an Indie Author floods the market with books, one would think it would just be a matter of time before someone catches on and says, well, she's out there with all these books, perhaps she's worth a read.

Do you agree?

Course J.A. Konrath doesn't spend 2 years or more doing research on a story like I do. He just puts his twisted mind out there and gets it done in a few months.

The question should be, who am I writing for? It's like when I used to paint and sell my work at outdoor art shows. I did it for me, for my creative side which doesn't ever stop, but I also enjoyed sharing my visions on canvas with others.

I can say one thing for certain. I may only have a small fan base, but you guys are the best! I know most of you tell others about my books and pass them along to your friends. Word of mouth is powerful stuff! And slowly it's working. Thank you all!

And I do so enjoy readers who tell me they felt like my characters were friends of theirs and want to know more about them. That's how I feel. They get into your heart and you actually care about what happens to them. Then again, I have no compunction in killing them off either...

Anyway, now that all my books are up on Kindle and in paperback form, I can finally get on with doing what I truly enjoy. Writing a new book. I've already begun the next Macgregor tale, and have also begun putting my thoughts on paper about my illness. This must be how James Patterson feels! He usually has about 20 books in progress at the same time. Who says I can't play with the big boys?