Monday, November 16, 2009

Agent/Publisher News

My agent called me this afternoon with news about Despite Them.

Grace submitted my book to Avon, and to Berkley, which I didn't realize.

The really good new is that both publishers loved my writing and my story, which in of itself is AWESOME NEWS. However, both rejected Despite Them because of one crucial item.

Lack-luster characters.

It came as a surprise to me until Grace pointed out the fact that I was riding along thinking everyone had read the Eyes of Garnet trilogy, and already had all the background on the characters I used from that series.

Rejection can be taken many ways. I always use it as a tool to get better.

Here are the suggestions Grace gave me to WOW! the Publishers she'll submit to when I've revamped the book.

1) I need to pretend like I've never written the Eyes of Garnet trilogy, and start with fresh eyes to add the complex layers of my characters.

2) Please get Gregor laid!

Really, they asked that he get lucky at least once. And if that doesn't make you want to read the book, I don't know what will! ;o)

So I will set aside my 5th book, and go back to rewrite Despite Them, because the next set of publishers she'll submit to are Berkley (again), and Pocket Books, a division of Simon and Schuster!!! How can I NOT want to WOW! them!

I'll let you how I'm doing along the way.

Well, all except for the sex scene...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Cosmic Thing

Today I went to a signing of a couple of Maine authors I've become friends with at the Fertile Mind Bookshop in Belfast, Maine. Great bookstore, and terrific owners, Bruce and LaRue always host a wonderful event.

I went because Janet Chapman just came out with another Highlander book, and I wanted it. It was quite busy when my husband and I walked in, but I found a seat, while my better half went over to talk with Bruce, being the only other male in the place.

Before Janet got to make her first sale, I was already signing one of my own books! Then the we all began talking about the business of writing, as well as tanning beds, campers, naps, and a wonderful herbal remedy to help clear the cobwebs of an overactive mind; SamE.

By the end of the visit (which turned into 2 hours!), I had signed and sold 7 of my books. All at someone else's book signing event!

Was it a cosmic configuration that enabled me to crash an event and make out better than when I do when I'm on the sign outside?


But I just think great bookstore owners who know their buyers can "guide" those buyers to books they'll enjoy. And, boy can these two do that!

LaRue, thank you!

And Bruce, thanks for entertaining Dan while I do my thing.