Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm Back

Sorry I've out of touch for so long. My back has been trying my resolve for the past two months and is just getting back to some semblance of painlessness.

Anyway, while I've been recouping, I've been tossing around an idea for a new book. This one would be a story of what I've been through for the last year fighting to rebuild my body and life. I'd write it as a fiction, but with the facts of my journey.

What do you think? It may be cathartic for me to get it all out of myself emotionally and mentally, but I'm not sure how people would react to it. Or should that matter?

Give me your feedback.

Onto other matters.

I'm nearly done with Double Vision being reformatted for CreateSpace, the Amazon company who is publishing my books now that I fired my old publisher for non-payment. If you've been having a hard time finding the Eyes of Garnet trilogy online, fear not, they'll be up shortly.

And what about this weather? We're bracing for yet another blockbuster snowstorm this week. The Weather Channel is running out of adjectives to describe how bad it will be. They're on "colossal" now. How much worse can it get? And what if this becomes the norm? I do enjoy watching the videos clips on the crazy people trying to get to work on icy roads at the same speed they think they do when it's dry. Twisted, I know.

Let me know about my idea for a new book. Yay or nay?