Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Highland Fling

Last night, my husband and I went to Bangor to see The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. They are Highland pipes, drums and dancers. Women in the crowd actually cried when they heard them play a few of the more traditional tunes like Amazing Grace. I'm not the weepy type, but I do love to hear the pipes.

Now, Dragoons are a calvary unit, so when the man came out to introduce the band, he was wearing spurs that clicked on the concrete floor of the auditorium. The woman in front of me said breathlessly, "Oh, I do so love a man in spurs." It was all I could do from letting one of my famous belts of laughter out. I think my husband was proud that remained restrained (he embarrasses easy). I mean, what did she love about spurs? Was it the old cowboy adage of keeping his boots on even when making love? Or was it some other fantasy she had of the silvery stars on a man's boots? Many ideas flew through my mind, all of which were a bit risqué. I think what was most amusing was that she never once mentioned their bare legs under their tartan kilts!

The rest of the program was very good and the sword dancers were terrific. Lithe and limber men in flying kilts. All too short of a performance, though.


TerriRainer said...

Enquiring minds want to know.....did the kilts fly high enough for you to get a peek????? [g]

Sounds like you had a wonderful time, wish I could have been there (for the kilts, not the spurs. Living in Oklahoma, those don't impress me).

As for that lovely man on my blog, that is the one and only Gerard Butler. I think that one is from Attila. Isn't he a pretty, pretty man (and Scottish to boot!)?


Mary Duncan said...

Alas, no peeks. I was up in the stadium seat looking down on the lads.

When I was living in Wyoming and Montana, I was never really impressed by spurs either. Hats, maybe...

I didn't recognize Mr. Butler! It's those eyes. Very hasdsome indeed.

TerriRainer said...


Just a quick note....Eyes of Garnet was delivered today. I am only on page 70, but well involved in the book!


Mary Duncan said...


Can't wait to hear what you think of Eyes of Garnet! And I accept total honesty.

I'm off to do a 5-author signing tonight and trying with all my magical powers to hold off the winter snow/sleet/freezing rain/rain storm we're supposed to get at the same time. Winter sucks! It's a romance signing just in time for Valentine's Day, and although Eyes of Garnet isn't what I would call a romance, I was invited anyway! Good sales in the store probably had a bit to do with it.


TerriRainer said...

I finished Eyes of Garnet last night and would love to have an in depth convo with you.

Not sure that I could say everything in a blog post that I want to, or even say it right!

I will say that I didn't put the book down, unless I had no choice.

Email me if you wanna talk about it in far more detail!