Thursday, February 14, 2008

Genre Wars

Another rejection. I took this one kind of hard. Since many agents I query will tell me, I have a difficult book to place into a specific genre. I think Eye of Garnet is a historical fiction with a paranormal twist. The historical fiction agents get really spooked (pardon the pun!) by this "twist", and tell me they don't represent that stuff. So I queried a more paranormal publishing company. My rejection, though pleasant enough, stated that I wasn't paranormal enough. Hard to win with a genre-bending story. And no, I refuse to write to conform to one category. Can't. Won't! I write through my character's voice. I'm not my characters, they are themselves. So, I continue to query and keep writing ... what I want.

On a bit of a brighter side, my screenplay I wrote adapting Eyes of Garnet to the silver screen, has found an agent. 'Course, that means nothing if they can't sell it to a film company, but as ever, I'm blissfully naïve and always think something good will come of it. Hell, if I didn't, how could I keep going?


TerriRainer said...


I'm so disappointed for you!

Have you queried the junior agent at Writer's House? She's taking new clients....her name is Maya Rock. It would be worth a shot and she accepts email queries.

I really hope to see book two in print, for you, but mostly because I am selfish and want to read more about Catriona and where the heck that coach driver (can't remember his name now) shows up again!

I'll keep my fingers crossed on the screen play, that would certainly open many doors.

Glad to see you here again.

Hang in there, and stick to your guns.


Mary Duncan said...

Hey Terri,

Thanks for your support. I have been tending to my husband, who fell on a patch of ice, broke his elbow and had to have it surgically repaired. He's now bionic! I think he enjoys that status.

Anyway, there are plenty of agents out there still yet to be queried, and thanks for the tip at Writer's House.

The coach driver's name is Greame, and I can't wait for you to read about him again. I certainly enjoy his company (and so does Cat!).


Mary Duncan said...

Oh, PS - I'm still looking for Scottish expletives for you, but just can't find them. You could say "prig", pronounced prick, or you can also say "poc mo hon", which means kiss my ass! Enjoy!

TerriRainer said...


Hope your hubby is better and enjoys his new bionic body, that might make a good Ellora's Cave story..."The Bionic Body Part".

I purchased a book that has Scottish insults in it, but haven't received it yet, and not sure if it will be of much help.

Thanks for the two curses you gave me.

Greame...He reminded me of my character Duncan McCue...not in appearance, but just that I knew he'd be back, and I can't wait (He's book 3)!

Have you checked out the Writer's House site? They have BIG name author's, I just got a really good feeling about Maya Stone, not only does she have the COOLEST name, but since she's a junior partner, I figured I might have a better chance with her. If you click on her name, it takes you to a page telling about what she likes, and she likes to be transported to another time and place...sooooo YOU!

When I finish up w/ my revisions, she will be the first I query. I figure I might as well go to the top of the ladder to get rejected, and just work my way down from there. I'm hoping those first rejections won't smart near as bad if they come from really prestigious agencies.

Hang in there kiddo....I'm sure some day when your rich and famous, you can put in a word for me too!


Mary Duncan said...


I queried Writer's House for Eyes of Garnet, but not for Sightless, yet. They'll be on my list to query next. And you're right, why not start at the top! To me, it says you believe in your writing enough to play with the big boys right from the beginning. And don't worry, if I ever do get in, your name will be dropped very favorably.

TerriRainer said...

Wow, pretty generous considering you haven't even read any of my novel yet!

I thought about posting the prologue, or part of chapter one on my blog, but not really sure that's a good idea....

Remember to query Maya Stone!!!!

Mary Duncan said...

Hey, the way I've got it figured is if we don't help each other, ain't no one goin' anywhere! People have helped me along the way and I'll return the favor in spades, if able.

Posting a bit of your work is fine. Just be sure to state that it's copyrighted.

Querying Maya today, along with about 10 others. Flood the market and see where it goes.

TerriRainer said...

Holy crap, you posted a scene with Catriona and Greame on DB's site!


I thought it was VERY good BTW.

Be sure you post when you hear back from Maya Stone, I have my fingers crossed!


Mary Duncan said...

Thanks, Terri! I'm so glad she (Diana Gabaldon) brought up the subject of sex. I really feel like what I've written in her blog is all that needs to be said on the subject. I think they prefer their privacy!

( for those who want to check it out.

I've got an agency interested in seeing more of my work already. I sent out 23 queries this past week, and one was Maya Rock. My fingers are crossed! I'll let you know as soon as I hear.


TerriRainer said...

How exciting!!!

Keep your blog updated on your quest!