Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm going to be a Guest Blogger

I'm a member of the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance in Portland, Maine. They're a wonderful writer's resource and put on several author events throughout the year. I just participated in the Books and Blooms multi-author signing in Boothbay Harbor, Maine last Saturday.

The weather was perfect and the people came to buy. Always a great combination for authors. There were about 70 of us! I had a very nice sales day and there was lots of interest in the Sightless pamphlets I was handing out to perspective customers. If that's any indication of the sales my second book will generate, I think it will be a very good seller.

To get back on track, the MWPA sent out an invitation to its members last night for weekly guest bloggers for a new addition to their website. I jumped at the chance and was chosen! My week is going to be Aug. 24 -30. They ask that I post at least 3 blogs during my week. At this time, there won't be a chance to comment directly, but inquires can be directed to my email and I can answer them in the next blog. It should be fun and I can basically talk about anything, just as long as it's PG rated and not political. No worries there. I hate politics! And I'll try my best to refrain from my vulgarities ;•) Check it out at

For the most part I will be ranting on about the publishing business, the movie business and whatever else is filling my head at the time. Perhaps not to the extent JA Konrath rants, though I visit his site everyday and always manage to get some great information from his blog. Much like Tess Gerritsen's blog. These two fine authors are making a great attempt at teaching us newbies the ropes of publishing. You'll find that even being at the top of the pile isn't always what it's cracked up to be, but I'd sure like to make it to the pinnacle and let you from there!


TerriRainer said...

Very cool! I will be checking that out.

:) Terri

Mary Duncan said...

I'm looking forward to it. It will reach a fairly large audience so maybe something good will come of it.

Oh, and just to let you know, Sightless went to press yesterday! My publisher had to rush it through because I told him I had to have it before the Maine Highland Games in August. Since it's about Maine, it would be a shame to miss that opportunity.

Hey, did you get to see Diana Gabaldon in Tulsa yet?


TerriRainer said...

That's this weekend...supposed to go up there Sat!

:) Terri

Mary Duncan said...

I'll want hear everything!