Thursday, January 1, 2009

The New Year

I've never been one to make New Year's resolutions. I like to make my changes when needed and not wait for a specific date to begin. Goals are one thing, but I hate waiting for anything. Ha! Makes you wonder why I decided to write and play in the excruciatingly slow world of publishing, doesn't it? I've wondered it many times...

I've always liked the adage, "do what you are." One can't help what's inside, aching to come out. For some, it's music, others teaching, and so on. Me, I'm a creator. From creating memorable characters, to planting my flowers in the spring, to painting, pottery or sewing my own clothes, to setting the perfect table for guests when I serve the gourmet dinner I've prepared.

Making something tangible from nothing is a powerful thing. Speaking for myself, it gives me great satisfaction to know that, success or failure, I did it with my own hands and the tools of the trade and a little imagination. I'm always amazed by people who say they could never do what I do. But they don't even try, so how can they know?

In 2009, my goal is to "make it" in the publishing world. Why not? I say. I have the desire, I have willing characters ;0), and I have the tenacity of a pit bull to make it work. The way I measure failure is never trying in the first place. So, I won't be quitting just because it doesn't work out the way I have planned. My machete is out and I'm cutting through all the crap in my way that's slowing my journey. I see the end. Though it may not be the traditional way to get the outcome I desire, I will obtain my goal.

So, reach for the stars. If you miss your mark, who knows? Perhaps that was just the push to get you onto the path leading you to something even better.

Happy New Year!

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