Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

As the New Year begins, I'll not start out by preaching about resolutions. I profess, I enjoy doing things in my own time. I'm not a procrastinator—quite the opposite. I've mostly been accused of doing things too quickly.

What I mean is why wait for the New Year to make changes in your life?

Anyway, after having a week and a half off from work, I've finally managed to complete the rewrite of Despite Them. It's off to a copy editor then will be sent to Grace.

I know I keep saying this, but having an open enough mind for constructive criticism has made this book so much better. I added over 3200 words to it and did NOT get Gregor laid.

I know consummating the act is what Grace told me the editors wanted to see, but two things compelled me not to do it.

1) No matter how I tried, it just didn't add to the story or fit in anywhere.

2) It's not a Romance, it's an Adventure, which means, though there is sex in the story, it's not four pages of foreplay enough to heat the room on a snowy day.

I hope Grace and the editors at Pocket Books see it that way, as well. I did mention to Grace that the next Gregor adventure begins with a sex scene, so It's not as though he'll never have a release. While I may kill off my characters as easily as one swats at files, even I'm not that twisted!


Cat said...

Congrats on finishing your rewrite!I'm sure it will be fabulous. I'm in the middle of reading Diana Gabaldon's "Echo in the Bone" and not to criticize an author that I idolize; I was wondering if her editor told her the same thing about sex scenes. The British are just about to invade Fort Ticonderoga and there's so much going on for the characters to prepare for this and Jamie and Claire are in the garden having sex. It seemed like such a break from the story that your Grace's advice came to mind. If they were like in their 20's or 30's it would seem a lot more feasible. It's a great story anyway and I'm sure yours will be just as engaging without Gregor getting laid... just yet.

Mary Duncan said...

I liked Echo in the Bone, except for the fact that she used characters from books so far back I couldn't remember them. I kept saying to myself, should I know who this is? She's been writing about Jamie and Claire for nearly twenty years so going back that far to recall what part that character played makes my head hurt. Then again, I have a hard time remembering my own characters!

As for the sex in her newest book, I was surprised that that there wasn't as much as there had been in previous books, nor described in the graphic detail she usually pens, but I do agree that timing leaves a lot to be desired. I try to think if that would be first (or even third) on my list of things to do when in the same circumstance and can, without a doubt, say it wouldn't even enter my mind. Perhaps I'm a prude.

I keep saying sex sells, but I truly feel it has its place to sell. I'm sure when you read Despite Them, you'll say, wow, she's really put a lot of acts of a sexual nature in here, but no one will read it and have to take a cigarette break afterward... :o)

Cat said...

Of course I love Echo in the Bone too but I agree that it's getting difficult to keep track of the characters. I used to take out the whole series every few years and re-read them but there are so many now it would take forever! I also agree that there isn't as much sex in the later books and the timing is off in this last one. Prude or not, it would totally be the last thing on my mind!!