Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Uploading my book onto Kindle is proving to be a headache. I've finally given up and sent the file to a webmaster I used to work with for a fresh look at my html file. It's beginning to stress me out and I don't need that in my life right now.

So, I thought I'd share a little bit of Maine with you all.

October in Maine begins hunting season. And with hunting season, Mainers of all ages and status don their blaze orange. They wear it to the mailbox, to the grocery store, collecting seaweed, or just for a ride about town to enjoy the fall colors.

It's curious to me that 99% of these people never go into the woods where all the wild beasts hiding from hunters live. Perhaps I have it all wrong. Perhaps it's just an excuse to wear the color of Autumn and not feel foolish in clothes that rival the color of pumpkins.

Do I wear the official color of fall in Maine? Nope. Not even when I used to go into the woods. Why do I take my life in my hands when it's so easy to throw on an orange sweatshirt, you might ask? Because there is only 1% of the population who venture into the woods for a turkey in the center of my little town. It might save me from getting hit by a car crossing the street, but other than that, I believe it's just a fashion statement. And I've never been a slave to fashion.


Cat said...

I always have to remind myself that worthwhile things aren't always the easiest to come by. (I think I've posted that before on here too). Asking for help never hurts so good move!
Do people in Maine really wear all that orange? I guess better safe than sorry... ha haa!

Mary Duncan said...

I'm hoping with a fresh set of eyes, the problem will be a simple fix. Of course, working on a Mac sometimes has it's barriers to making the transition easy. So many downloads only work on PCs. Oh, well.

And yes, Mainers are notorious for their vividness this time of year. It's really kind of funny. Do they really think they'll get shot getting their mail? Maybe the watch too much TV and think drive-by shootings occur in our fair state. Oh sure, the signs are all shot to hell, but I'm pretty sure that's the limit.