Sunday, March 1, 2009

Guest Blogger J.A. Konrath

In this early blog I wanted to let you all know what's up on the blog docket. It's going to be treat for me and, hopefully, for you. I'm presenting J.A. Konrath.

For those who aren't familiar with Joe's work, he writes detective mysteries that are gritty, harsh, sarcastic, humorous, and wonderfully graphic, with a main character named Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels. Each book has been named after a cocktail; Whisky Sour, Rusty Nail, Fuzzy Navel, Bloody Mary, and Dirty Martini. I'm a big fan.

He's doing a Blog Book Tour promoting his newest book Afraid which debuts March 31. Check out his blog for more info on this way cool idea.

Why would I agree to do this when I really don't write mysteries?

Simple. Exposure. No, I'm not an exhibitionist (most of the time!), but for a newbie author, this is excellent exposure.

I've asked him to talk about the Publishing Panic that's going on right now and what it means to writers everywhere.

For all of you who want to understand this tenuous market better, check it out.

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