Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Making Double Vision a Bestseller!

I'm holding up the proof of Double Vision, the last book in the Eyes of Garnet trilogy. I received it today. It's always a thrill to see my books come to life. I doubt I'll ever tire of it.

This week, I'm asking for your help in making Double Vision, the last book in the Eyes of Garnet trilogy, a bestseller on Barnes and and

This strategy is a marketing tool that I've been researching and here's how it works.

On a certain day, everyone purchases Double Vision, thus catapulting it into the number one category on one (or both) of those sites.

How, you might ask?

Each of those sites goes by sales rankings. Many people who shop those sites search for bestsellers, because that's all they buy. I've spoken about this before. Yes, they're missing out on a lot of great reading!

So, if the sales of my book can reach into the bestseller rank, then even more people will by it, creating its own little media frenzy. It will also make the sales of Eyes of Garnet and Sightless go up because many people want to begin a trilogy at the beginning.

Clever stuff, don't you agree?

Double Vision is retailing for $18.95, but I'm certain it'll be less online.

As soon I get the actual release date on both those online sites, I'll send out an email to all of you with a date to purchase it.

If you aren't on my email list and want to be, please send me your email address and I'll happily add you on.

It's an experiment, but I've read that it has had great success.


TerriRainer said...


Congrats on your soon to be released third book. It would be great if you let us know in advance, so I be sure and do a blog post about it also.

:) Terri

PS I'm so glad you send out the emails when you post, because I am so horrible about checking blogs lately!

Mary Duncan said...


I've heard so much about this strategy and thought I'd try it myself. And I'm doubling the effort by sending emails because some folks, like you, have so little time to go to the blog.

I'm really excited about it.

Dawn Forney Gray said...

I'm in! I can't wait. I'm glad you'll let us know when to go for it too~~~~~this memory thing gets worse every day, LOL!!

Catherine said...

Let me know and I'll be ready! Hope it's soon, I want to read it now!

Mary Duncan said...


I understand about the memory thing oh so well! It sucks, big time.

Sticky notes have become my best friends. They're everywhere. Actually, they're taking the place of the memory synapses that are SUPPOSED to be happening in my brain! Ha!