Friday, June 26, 2009

Email Malfunction

When did everything we used to write in a notebook suddenly only appear on our computers? And, of course, saying you'll back it up, and actually following through with that task ... well, seriously, who does that?

I sure wish I did!

I've lost every email address I had the privilege of obtaining. Poof! Gone into the nether reaches of wherever those things go. All my loyal customers, friends and family.

So, since I hope you are checking up on my blog (even though you didn't receive an email indicating that I have a new post up), if you'd like to be placed back onto my email list, please send me an email at garnetseyes at myfairpoint dot net. Sorry I had to spell it out, but spammers love it when you put email addresses "out there", and I already get enough "want a bigger penis", "get cheap prescription drugs", and the like in my junk folder.

Help me rebuild my connection to the world. I'm counting on you.

Oh, and I promise to back it up from now on. Hard lessons always bring about change.


Cat said...

Hmmmm... this sounds familiar to me. I deleted AOL from my computer (finally) and forgot to get all the email addresses I had stored there first. I had switched some of them over to yahoo but not all. Good thing I remembered that I still had AOL on my laptop. My computer is about ready to go too, but my son backed it up for me already. ~whew~

Dawn Forney Gray said...

Been there and done that. I did receive my notice that your blog was up for this week so there must be addresses floating around somewhere!! LOL

Mary Duncan said...

I have begun the reconstruction process. Painful, time-consuming, and I know I won't get them all back, but perhaps a clean slate is a good thing.

Funny thing is, I should know better. Hell, I was a computer trainer for many years and drilled the back-up process into my colleagues head's. I guess I didn't drill it hard enough into my own.