Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Perfect Day

Yesterday, I did a book signing during Castine Days in Castine, Maine, a few towns to the west of me. The weather was finally sunny and, although very breezy, was a perfect summer day.

Sharon Biggie, owner of the Compass Rose Bookstore in town promotes my books at a phenomenal rate, and I was pleased to have a very nice sales day for her (and myself!), keeping my "Best Selling Author in Castine" title in tact!

Castine is also known as Pentagöet, the settlement Catrìona frequents when desiring an apple pie. It's a beautiful town filled with 18th and 19th century stately homes.

After a few hours talking with travelers from around the country, my husband and I walked down to Dennett's Wharf for a lunch on the water.

The breeze had turned to nearly a gale by then, and when we noticed french fries flying off the plates of those brave and unsuspecting souls sitting in the full brunt of the wind, we chose a seat under the canopy to have our lobster roll and haddock burger.

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