Monday, November 16, 2009

Agent/Publisher News

My agent called me this afternoon with news about Despite Them.

Grace submitted my book to Avon, and to Berkley, which I didn't realize.

The really good new is that both publishers loved my writing and my story, which in of itself is AWESOME NEWS. However, both rejected Despite Them because of one crucial item.

Lack-luster characters.

It came as a surprise to me until Grace pointed out the fact that I was riding along thinking everyone had read the Eyes of Garnet trilogy, and already had all the background on the characters I used from that series.

Rejection can be taken many ways. I always use it as a tool to get better.

Here are the suggestions Grace gave me to WOW! the Publishers she'll submit to when I've revamped the book.

1) I need to pretend like I've never written the Eyes of Garnet trilogy, and start with fresh eyes to add the complex layers of my characters.

2) Please get Gregor laid!

Really, they asked that he get lucky at least once. And if that doesn't make you want to read the book, I don't know what will! ;o)

So I will set aside my 5th book, and go back to rewrite Despite Them, because the next set of publishers she'll submit to are Berkley (again), and Pocket Books, a division of Simon and Schuster!!! How can I NOT want to WOW! them!

I'll let you how I'm doing along the way.

Well, all except for the sex scene...


Cat said...

I always wondered how authors who are writing series of books make it so that if a reader starts with the second or third book without realizing there are previous stories (I've done this before)write it so that the reader doesn't necessarily need to have read the previous books. (Does that make sense?)Like, how do you pretend that you don't know something that you've previously written and fit it into the story so that the reader "gets" it. Doesn't sound easy. Also, can't we just know that Gregor gets laid witout all the details?? I guess the details attract a wider audience in general, I don't know. To me, the book then falls into an established genre (romance novels) when you do that. One of the things I like about the "Eyes" series is that they fit into several genres without totally being in just one. Good luck and the best news is that for the most part, they love your writing!!

Mary Duncan said...

Yes, it makes perfect sense. I did that (write so the reader can understand what was going on, even if they started in the middle), in Eyes of Garnet, even though it was a trilogy, you were refreshed with a wee bit o' background on the characters.

And I've no delusions that this will be a challenge, but I love a challenge. I'm already feeling my way back into Despite Them, and I know I can do it.

As for Gregor's "extra curricular activities", Grace didn't really mean having to go into explicit detail, just that the "act" is consummated and we know it. I still refuse to write a romance, not that they're terrible things, but I want it to be more.

As you said, the best news is that for the most part, they love my writing! If my writing sucked, then that would have been a whole lot of bad news.

Kelly said...

Mary this is really great news for you! You can easily do what they need. Just remember the "Why do I care?" When something happens that is a result of the past, or a reaction, why do I care should help you fill in the blanks.

Poor didn't get him laid?



Cat said...

I really hate re-reading my posts that I've previewed several times and seeing typos after I publish it... but anyway, I'm glad I could explain what I meant so that you understood. I have every confidence that you will meet the challenge of re-writing "Despite Them" and surpass all expectations! I can't wait to get my copy! I'm also glad it won't be a romance novel because I have no problems with them either other than the fact that I've had my fill and have moved on.

Mary Duncan said...


First, I really hope you're feeling better. I missed your laugh at work yesterday!

Second, thanks for the vote of confidence. I feel it will a challenge to do the rewrite so it appears seamless, but I have no doubt I can do it. I'm glad she, Grace, gave until the New Year. It's going to take that long, I'm sure, to weave it all in.

Mary Duncan said...

Oh, he tried his best to get the dirty deed done, but somehow there were extenuating circumstances that always prevented the consummation of the act.

It should be interesting to see how he follows through. ;o)