Monday, February 22, 2010

Laid Up

Sorry for my extended absence but I wrenched my back big time. The bed or the Lazy-boy are the only places I've been for three weeks now. Sitting up at my computer hasn't been an option until yesterday.

Since I'm out of work, it would have been a perfect time to be writing, but even that isn't getting done.

Day-by-day I see minute advances, but as with any major injury, time seems to stop and the healing process moves at a glacial pace.

Just thought I'd keep in touch.


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Cat said...

Get well soon! I know how bad back problems can be from a car accident I had in 1983. I've had problems off and on since then, and at one point about 3 years ago I couldn't even move my legs to walk. After lots of chiropractor appointments and yoga classes, it's doing my better. Only my neck is killing my now!