Monday, June 14, 2010

Real Life

As I begin to do more things on my own, such as walking and getting my own meals from time to time, my thoughts skitter towards writing. While my back can't take long durations in the chair, at least my mind is working again.

I'd love to think I'll be strong enough to at least get in the Maine Highland Games in August. I need to set goals for myself because I can be lazy.

I'm still waiting to hear from my agent on whether or not the editor at Pocket Books liked the rewrite of Despite Them. Boy, I'd sure love a sweet 3 book deal (or more!) and have them want to look at the Eyes of Garnet series as well. My agent tells me to have patience, but that's not one of my strong points. It seems like forever that my writing has been out there with no one in the publishing world taking notice. I think it's my turn!

Anyway, I'll continue to plug along and take advantage of the mild, late spring weather while I continue to heal.


Cat said...

I'm so glad to see you back even if it is just for short periods of time. We'd all love a sweet 3 book deal or more for you! Hang in there, it's hard to be patient; I'm not so good at it myself. Healing is most important now so you concentrate on that and let your agent deal with the publishers. xoxoxoxox

Mary Duncan said...

Thanks, Cat.

Have you seen Tess Gerritsen's new TV series, Razolli and Isles? It's on too late for me to watch just yet (10pm) and I was wondering if it was any good..

Cat said...

I saw an ad for it but I'm not much of a tv person and 10 pm is late for me too. It looked interesting though!