Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Finishing Touches

As I fight my way through the second draft of Despite Them, I stare at my computer screen with glassy eyes burning from looking at it for too long. Once I'm done with this rewrite, I read the entire story out loud to Dan, who, having a clearer mind, makes sure everything sounds right. Then it's off to my editors to correct any missed words, bad punctuation, or inform me of any story lines that don't make sense.

While I wait for their feedback, I work on my cover. Now, usually the publishing houses do this part, but there's no way I'm not helping them along with my ideas since I have the professional capability of doing it myself.

All I can think of is when romance author, Janet Chapman, gets surprised by the covers her publishers deem adequate, when they have absolutely nothing to do with the story. They just have a naked chest of a man on them, no matter what. Remember, sex sells.

My covers at least depict what the story is about. I'd like to think they also sell the books, as I've received many compliments on them.

So, once all that is done, and I've made the writing as best as I am capable of, I'll send it off to my agent with good wishes and lots of hope that she'll find it a great publisher. And hopefully, that publisher will want to take on the Eyes of Garnet trilogy so I can get good placement on the bookstore shelves with an immediate 4 books.

Remember, if you can't dream big, what's the point!


Cat said...

You are smart to keep control of your covers; or at least SOME control. When I was really into trashy romances I couldn't stand that the cover would have a stunning blonde on it and the story would say she was a redhead or brunette. It just ruined the whole thing for me! The other thing that bugs me is misspelled words in a book. There is one popular author (not REALLY popular I don't think, but contemporary) whose initials are LL; I will NEVER read anything by her again. If you can't spell "raisin" you have no business writing books.
Keep dreaming big, it WILL happen!! My fingers and toes are always crossed... it helped you get an agent didn't it?
P.S. If there are any misspelled words in my post, it's ok because I'm not an author :)

Mary Duncan said...

Cathy, thanks, as always, for your support! I'll take all the crossed fingers and toes I can get.

As for control of my cover, it's a hopeful wish that WHEN my agent, Grace Morgan, lands me a publisher, they'll feel as good as I do about the cover I've designed. We'll just have to wait and see.

They (the publishing houses) have people who do tons of marketing to figure out what sort of covers sell books. I feel as you do about not having a blonde on the cover if the story is about a redhead. It should at least represent what the story is about and not just hand the task to a graphic designer telling them to "give me a hunk seducing a beautiful woman."

Is there no imagination left? Or better still, how about having the graphic designer actually READ the book?

Perhaps that's my naïveness talking...