Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nearly There

Thanks for all your insightful emails on my cover last week. As a result, I have made adjustments to it and I'm fairly confident it's a winner.

I hope you agree.

The final copy from my editors is filtering back to me and, with luck, I'll be sending it off to my agent by the end of next week.

Usually, I take summers off from writing. Between working a four to five day week, plus the fact that summers in Maine are all too precious and short, I put the writing aside.

However, Gregor seems to have other plans. Yup, I've already begun the second in Gregor's adventure series. This one will take a bit of research, though, unlike Despite Them, where I just wrote and finished it in four months.

I can't really tell you anything about it yet, but suffice it to say, the big man will getting into trouble again. While I may be the first to know what's happening, it's not until I actually write it.

I read a historical fiction by James Irvine Robertson, which is more fact than fiction, and was pleased to be validated that what I write is based in truth, even in Gregor's story.

The jacket text for Despite Them is as follows:

Gregor Macgregor, an 18th century Scottish Highlander, has seen his fair share of death. The Campbells saw to that with his father's murder at the strange standing stones when he was ten. As one of the hunted clan—as all Macgregors are—Gregor learned to melt into the mountains and stay one step ahead of the hunters: Clan Campbell.

With no family left, the man-sized child roamed the heather for two years before being taken in by Alexander Robertson, the Chief of Clan Donnachaidh. Now a man of twenty-one, Gregor wants to become his chief’s personal guard, but must prove himself at the Games that his strength and cunning are worthy to serve.

After taking his safety at Blair Castle for granted for so long, Gregor once again becomes entangled with the Campbells when the murders of several Macgregors in his old hometown sound all too familiar. Could his father’s killer still be on the loose after all these years? He has no choice but to find out.

When the murderer abducts the woman he desires, leaving her worse than dead, Gregor vows to capture the killer and make him pay. With his life. But first, Gregor has to find the elusive ghost before he kills again.


Cat said...

I like the revised cover better! The hair does look more natural. I finally had a chance to sit and read the chapters from "Despite Them" and I'm hooked. My four dogs were barking wildly and running from the back yard to the front door right past my chair and I didn't notice until Steve came in from the garage to see what the ruckus was all about! Can't wait for the rest...

Mary Duncan said...

Yes, he doesn't look like Jesus anymore! I think you'll enjoy the Gregor series. I'm really looking forward to getting into the next one.